Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chickn Chicken Brown Cow

Hello lovely people.

Please direct your attention here:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi guys!
I miss you all so very much, to start.

And... I got a job... kinda!
Well, I was hired at Dancing Moose Montessori last Thursday. They are trying me out as a substitute first with the potential of becoming an assistant teacher. There are two teachers per classroom, one lead and one assistant. They teach ages 1-10 in about 6 or so classes, I haven't counted. I know I said I'd never teach back in the day... but the tides have turned. I had my first day today. It consisted of me floating around to 5 of the classes throughout the day. I even watched a class out to recess. Children are just so very cute and funny. The older class (which was the recess one) couldn't comprehend how skinny I am. Another little girl in a different class suddenly yelled at me "um, how did you get so tall???" The school also had a Chinese New Year parade that was oh so adorable, I loved it. It was a fun/crazy first day!

Things with Russell are going well. We had a delightful weekend together. We went to our friends' (Drew and Emily) on Friday night and ate Canadian food while watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. Saturday he came over with a dozen red roses in arm and we made a Valentine's breakfast, went to Barnes and Noble and played the new Mario game on the Wii while inhaling countless Pepperidge Farm cookies and giant glasses of milk. We just loved it.

Sunday we had some family parties.

Then on Monday, we, Drew and Emily went to the Park City outlets. I'm still broke of course, but Russell kindly bought me a flannel shirt from American Eagle.

Russell goes delirious around funky shoes.

Emily, Drew, Russell and I, braving the sleet storm in Park City.

Later we cleaned up, and he and I drove downtown and.... guess where we went.... THE ROOF! HOMENA HOMENA HOMENA!!! It was soooo delicious. It was the nicest restaurant I've ever been to.

Ha ha ha, look at Russell's face....

For my appetizers and main dishes I had delicious mushrooms, pasta, potatoes, salmon, shrimp cocktail, mahi mahi with an orange crusted sauce, ham and honey mustard and more. mMMMm

That's my plate AFTER I ate dessert. I tried at least 6 or 7 desserts. They were all sooo delicious. The creme brulee and this other chocolate version of creme brulee were so remarkable. The texture was the most delectable smoothness in the world.
And just so you know HOW full I was, look at my stomach in that pic, I know you might not think it looks very big, but remember, I'm thin as a rail, most times my stomach is concave, yet here we see it very convex, and I was even probably trying to hold it in so the food didn't splinter the walls of my abdomen and burst forth in a never-ending avalanche of delectable ingested and partially digested foods. Truly I emerged from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building impregnated... with a food baby.

The View. It was glorious. Breathtaking.

Russell. My favorite. I was in heaven gorging myself on amazing food, staring at the temple, with him by my side.

I'm also getting very close to finishing this crazy painting I'm working on:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Senior Year.... oF High School

I thought, for your viewing pleasure, I'd post some old-er pictures.

2004, Graduation at E-Center
Look, I'm at the pinnacle, crazy hair, braces and all.

I painted this "Daniel in the Lion's Den" for my seminary building. Note that "Daniel" has some updated attire...

The usual superstar/right-angled hand pose after graduation:

Senior dinner dance. These are the only two people I still talk to from high school. Seriously.

AND for the heck of it, I thought I'd throw in some really old pictures of me and Russell. This is probably the spring of 2005.

I think Russell's wearing K-Swiss in this picture:

Ah, so young and free, uninhibited by the pains of love or having to make a living...
Russell had to ride the donkey. I don't remember if that was a volunteer choice by him or if it was simply his lot to sit spread-legged on a funnier version of a horse.

Wow, we look sooooo young, my complexion was incredible, pores small, virtually no blemishes, why do we have to grow old!!!! Plus, Russell is wearing my sister's jacket,