Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Back To Schoolers!

Hi there.
I realize that today was the first day of school for most of the people that read this thang, so I write a blog.
You might be thinking, "man, the Summer just went by toooo fast" with your hands fisted and resting upon your hips. Though I agree wholeheartedly with this previous statement, I beg you to "wake up and smell the roses" if you will.
As a fine undergraduate of Brigham Young University now in participating in the working class of these United States of America I do declare:
Stay As Long As You Can!
Savor Every Moment!
Soon You Will Have To Conform To A Static Life Of Hum-Drum, Repetition, Meaninglessnes And Social Lifelessness.
It's basically exactly like the scene in Billy Madison where Adam Sandler grabs those chubby freckled cheeks and says "Don't you ever say that!" after a young boy states "I want to go to Hikes School!"
Now you might be thinking "oh Hayley, you're just insane now because you are left alone in your native city of West Jordan without any friends or even younger siblings and you decided to get a frivolous bachelors degree in Fine Art: painting," but I got news for you sister/brother, unless you love business and are in business, or are love accounting and are in accounting, you too will surely follow suit. Unless you re like Dani Juarez and are stretching your time at BYU to the limits in order to find a man that will fill your life with passion and money, this isn't gonna happen bucko!

Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating. Mostly, I just want you to pity me because you get to go to school and learn and interact with people your age and bounce ideas off of them, and generally live a well-rounded life of growth and happiness and I don't.
Okay, maybe this time of life will be good for me. I mean, I did have a bit of a daddy daughter date on Friday night. Heres what my dad and I did:
We made a deep dish peach pie with peaches from our tree,
And we watched this movie called "The Angry Red Planet" which was filmed in 1960 in 10 days.
It was pretty awesome.
I'm getting a little crazy though. I really feel like I need to DO something. Something BIG