Thursday, August 28, 2008


Cool fire sunset

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now I know How Audrey Felt in Wait Until Dark

Today I got in the shower and shampooed up my hair and some trickled down and got in my eye so I squinted and then I closed the other eye and then I thought "hey, I should see what it's like for a blind person to take a shower." So I proceeded to keep my eyes closed for the entire shower. I even shaved my legs and armpits and didn't cut myself. It was a rather interesting experience and I highly recommend it to all. When I opened my eyes I discovered the shower being smaller than I remembered it. That was certainly a strange sensation.

Oh, on Sunday night I watched Pocahantas in my room by myself at like 12 AM. I found that I related to her in many ways I never dreamed I could. She had to choose to take the rough river or the smooth one to find the path in her life. Cocoum or John Smith... Anyone at a crossroads in their life should read this.

I mean watch this. I'm too lazy to erase.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here's more...loveliness....
Do these cows look slanted to anyone else?
Debbie's so adorable she makes anyone look like a heathen, even ME!
Wow Nik, You win sexiest pose of the year.
She's thinking... "Mmmm, donuts."

Ha, we all know what this means...
All I had to say was "hey guys, I brought ice cream!"
Dani thought this shot rather clever.
GO UVU! That's what I always say.
She thought this shot to be even more clever. Petting is against the BYU honor code, and it is certainly not joke Danielle. Real people struggle with this violation of morality every day.

Sisters Dear, lovin' life and my company.
Nikbot, glamshot
I snuck a drive-in one in here.... TOUCH
Danielle acting as a bra for the large breasts behind her.
Debbie, seductive as heck.
Twin Juliet smiles, but which is the real Juliet???

Nik and Deb, fighting for their lives.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Deborah already posted some of the same pics I have, so here are some slightly awesome poses.
Turns out this is taking way too long, so you just get the two. They're hot though, holy cow they're hot.