Thursday, November 12, 2009

FOUR new watercolors

I painted these guys the other day. I miss my blob days (I used to produce quite a few of these biomorphic creations back in my college years.) Everyone always tries to guess what their "supposed" to be. I see circles and colors my friends, I leave it utterly open to interpretation... have at it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Projectors

I saw Dirty Projectors on Saturday-----------------------

Mostly this blog is for someone who will never see it: Megan Duffy, Sister Megan Duffy that is. But, this happens to be a real treat for the rest of you as well.
You see, Dirty Projectors are indeed amazing, and well-worth your blogging time. Not only is their musical knowledge advanced lightyears beyond any Beyonce or Chris Brown (peace to both artists who each have a place in my heart) but they are so ADORABLE!
I had seen them in concert previously on July 3, 2009, my 23rd birthday, in Seattle, Washington at Chop Suey. They blew my socks off, they were phenomenal, so very talented and impressive. What boggles my mind most is that they are doing music that sounds very in line with contemporary indie electronic trends, without synthesizers! Their complex arrangements and layers are all done manually, if I can say that. It's really quite remarkable.

They have a lot of fun on stage and dance around and stuff.
After taking about four pictures with my flash, a member of the band said into her mic "we don't mind pictures, but please turn your flash OFF." No one else had taken any pictures. It was all my fault. I love this guy, he's their frontman, lead vocals, lead guitar, he's awesome.

This is their newest song, "When the world comes to an end." LOVE IT!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell-Girls' Night

Well girls, this is it, GOODBYE MEG!
She's leaving WEDnesday for the MTC. Nuts. Really nuts.

Look at Dani's floating body:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Photography Portfolio

So yesterday I saw listing for a photoshop/photo editing job for a photography company on Craig'slist. They said they wanted a photography portfolio and a photoshop portfolio, so I spent all afternoon (a few hours) getting this and my resume and cover letter together. I sent the email, and boing, it came right back at me, boomerang action and all. Sent it again, same thing happened. In the morning I went back to Craig'slist and it said that the listing had been flagged for removal, for whatever reason. Which means not only do I not get the job, I wasted several hours of my day yesterday.
So, to get something out of it, I thought I'd at least post the pictures I included in my photography portfolio on my infrequently visited blog. You may notice that a couple of you are in these pictures, I hope that doesn't offend you. As I have mentioned before, the colors and clarity shown here are hardly representative of the actual photgraphs. I'm such a snob.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


IF you think you know Boyz II Men, you are dead wrong.

I had been looking forward to this Friday night in September for... oh... about 15 years. Boyz II Men were coming to the Utah State Fair, and by jove, I was not going to miss it. My dreams were shattered at 1:30 PM, the afternoon prior to the event. My dear friend Missy sent me a gloomy text saying that the free tickets that the fair handed out at noon had already been depleted. I was stunned. HOW. How could fate allow such a blast of pain to pierce my body in such a cruel way?

Nonetheless, I carried on. I knew that I had to at least attempt to hear an echo of the sweet New Jack Swing so reminiscent of my childhood and tween years.

We arrived at the fair in high spirits, anticipating foot long hot dogs, funnel cakes, tiny women, giant alligators and guinea pigs. We were met with all but the guinea pigs. I was devastated about that, but that's another story for another time.

The calm, balmy night drew nigh upon 7:30, which to ticketholders meant Boyz II Men time. We allowed our bodies to be reeled to the stadium, like a siren luring us to its rocky shores. As we approached the stadium the sweet soulfilled lyrics of "On Bended Knee" swirled through the atmosphere and suckerpunched my heart. The previously irresistable cinnamon roasted almonds couldn't even compete at that point.

The gang and I (all in all there were about 15 of us) peered through slats in the chain link fence, boosted ourselves onto garbage cans, and gazed jealously upon the lucky ticketholders as they streamed through the heavily guarded gates.

We had almost become content with our situation. Every now and then we could catch a glimpse of the 90's motown champions and the sound wasn't half bad either, but then....

A miracle began. Compassionate strangers had pity on us, and almost one by one, we received tickets, each of us, to enter the throne of R&B mania.

I was psyched. Believe you me, my friend Jason and I jumped up and down screaming like giddy school girls for a good three seconds. It seemed almost too good to be true. But it only got better from there.

Missy, Meg and Hayley. Content with their long distance relationship with Boyz II Men...

Meg staring at a fence... or is she?

Our view from outside the fence...

Meg giving the mean guard her best "I'm just a cute little innocent muffin" face...

Jason pondering ways he could bust a cap for entrance...

Boyz II Men were sure lookin like fine MEN in their suits... I knew they'd wear suits and they did not dissapoint!
Freak, they even had several, several synchronized dance moves...
At the end, for an encore, Wanya, the "emotional" one, serenaded us, unbuttoned.Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the concert was during "I'll Make Love To You." All the girls rushed the stage as the delicious I'll Make Love To You chords fired up. I wasn't going to miss out on that action, so I flew toward the stage, hands straight up in the air, waving wildly, screaming at the top of my lungs in a frenzy. My friend Megan and I nudged our way into the throng of wildly obsessed women grasping their fingers at the long-stemmed red roses the Boyz II Men were graciously flinging. We couldn't see over all the arms and big hair, so Megan said to me "Hayley, step on my knee for a boost!!" so, I did. I stepped on her knee for a boost and for one fleeting moment I was on top of the world, THIS close to the BOYZ II MEN!!! Then I hear this "GET DOWN!" and this girl behind me shoves me as hard as she could. I of course, weighing the few pounds I do, was hurled into several other bossy bratty b****y women before I found a chair to seek refuge on. I thought for a moment "I could'v been severely hurt, and that was that girl's intention!" I was horrified. But that chair of refuge soon became my platform of poetic peace and love as Megan and I ourselves reached in desparation for a petal, a thorn, anything from these giants of soul!

Though I failed to recover a rose from this sesspool of unbridled fanaticism, I came away thoroughly satisfied, right after a girl standing on the floor in front of me (while I still stood on the chair) glared up at me and said in a baby-mama accent "STEP OFF!" hands on her hips and errything. I guess that meant "get down off my chair please." I'm still not sure, I don't speak ghetto in its entirety. I tried to upload my video of "I'll Make Love To You" but it was too large.

My heart exploded at various other points in the concert. I LOVED when they sang "End of the Road" and they had the audience sing it... see the following clip.

Oh, AND, they sang Motownphilly. I went NUTS! I was out of control. In heaven. That's why the camera was so shaky and the clip is so short, I had to move my hips.

Their music, it's just... it's real music, it transcends the boundaries of time and opens the hearts of all. As Wanya Morris said last night. It's music "to dance to, sing to, clean your house to, and music to MAKE LOVE TO."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm A Sucker For Clouds And Skies

Well heck, these pictures did not upload nearly as vibrantly and saturated as the actual pictures. I took them earlier tonight. It was a feast for the eyes... Dang Blogger/internet poor quality doesn't do it justice. Just pretend....