Friday, February 17, 2012

Decision Time


For y'all that don't know or don't care, John and I have been in the process of MBA applications, admittance and acceptance for the past few months, er, longer.
Remember when he broke his arm before our wedding?

Yeah that was for an MBA application. So basically ever since then we have been pondering the next phase of our lives, i mean, besides the marriage part.

John only applied to two schools: UCLA Anderson and University of Chicago Booth schools of business.

First he was admitted to his dream school, Chicago, and after a positive experience there when he visited campus for an interview, we were pretty positive we would go there.

Then we got a couple notifications from UCLA. A. He had gotten in. B. He got a fellowship, allowing us to be able to come out of an MBA debt free, and I probably wouldn't even have to work.

So we decided we needed to visit the campuses.

UCLA Anderson School of Business
Beautiful campus, 70 degree weather in January....

Tons of Asians. Tons.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Architecturally incredible building.

OK, OK, there was more to each campus than the before mentioned.
But what you need to worry about is where we will be living come Fall. And the answer to that my friends, is Chicago.