Thursday, November 12, 2009

FOUR new watercolors

I painted these guys the other day. I miss my blob days (I used to produce quite a few of these biomorphic creations back in my college years.) Everyone always tries to guess what their "supposed" to be. I see circles and colors my friends, I leave it utterly open to interpretation... have at it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Projectors

I saw Dirty Projectors on Saturday-----------------------

Mostly this blog is for someone who will never see it: Megan Duffy, Sister Megan Duffy that is. But, this happens to be a real treat for the rest of you as well.
You see, Dirty Projectors are indeed amazing, and well-worth your blogging time. Not only is their musical knowledge advanced lightyears beyond any Beyonce or Chris Brown (peace to both artists who each have a place in my heart) but they are so ADORABLE!
I had seen them in concert previously on July 3, 2009, my 23rd birthday, in Seattle, Washington at Chop Suey. They blew my socks off, they were phenomenal, so very talented and impressive. What boggles my mind most is that they are doing music that sounds very in line with contemporary indie electronic trends, without synthesizers! Their complex arrangements and layers are all done manually, if I can say that. It's really quite remarkable.

They have a lot of fun on stage and dance around and stuff.
After taking about four pictures with my flash, a member of the band said into her mic "we don't mind pictures, but please turn your flash OFF." No one else had taken any pictures. It was all my fault. I love this guy, he's their frontman, lead vocals, lead guitar, he's awesome.

This is their newest song, "When the world comes to an end." LOVE IT!