Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Finished the Book of Mormon Again.

I went to LAGOON for the first time in seven years. or so. It was time.

I've been called as the second counselor in the Relief Society Presidency.

I'm going to San Diego in a couple weeks.

I finished the Book of Mormon again. I think that was at least the 7th time. I haven't kept good count. Do people usually keep count? How many times have you read it?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Insight into my daily life

So, my job is pretty much the center of my universe these days. It's absurd. My coteacher Tara went to Colorado yesterday for two months, so I may die. In the next to months there may come a point in time where you will never see my fresh face, hear my biting sarcasm or operatic Beyonce singing again. The two year-olds will eat me... they will.
Enough drama. Here are pictures.
I had the art show for my two painting classes last week. I think it went pretty well. Here are a few of my favorite paintings and some pics of the show.