Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If You Are Going To San Francisco

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair...

To celebrate celebrating my never before celebrated spring break (thank you BYU), Jamee and I went to SAN FRANCISCO

Here are some tidbits. Just so we're clear, the bunnies are wild and live on an old naval/air base. So cute! Also, Jamee's parents appear in various pics. The temple is the Oakland temple, completed 1963. The crazy machine with the lady in it and the shrimp are at fisherman's wharf. The greenery is Golden Gate Park. The Pixar stuff is Pixar studios. The Yves Saint Laurent thing is at the de Young Museum of Art. There are a few pics taken in Alameda, where Jamee's parents live. Also, the VW van is where I slept every night, as well as a tour mobile on occasion, which Jamee's parents operate with pride. ENJOY!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nikki's Birth, Celebrated

Yes, I made the Pocahontas cake.


Ha ha ha. I'm still reeling with laughter from Saturday's encounter with Red Robin at, Red Robin.

I only discovered Red Robin's presence when Deborah Sorensen suddenly gasped: "Oh my gosh it's Red Robin" in a high-pitched, hurried way, as though Red Robin were Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman.
Later my laughter resumed at Old Navy. I pointed out a funny dog toy that was a bird at the cash register to Nikki, who replied "reminds me of Red Robin," like he was just one of our buddies from school or something. HA HA HA
I tried to find a picture of the toy online, but this was the best thing I found:

Debbie kept her cool when Red Robin came to our table:

Nikki Couldn't care less what was happening once her birthday ice cream came:

Ha ha, Nikki....

Thursday, March 5, 2009