Monday, April 19, 2010

On my sickbed.

Hello again.
I actually have time to write a blog as I am ill. Bedridden. Well, not quite bedridden. I have some weird virus that the doctor told me the name of but I can't remember. So far it has involved headaches, a fever (and a few hours later a temp of 96.4,) swelling of my throat to 14 times its size, waterfalls (mucusfalls?) of mucus, muffled hearing, and foggyheadedness. Could be worse. You should hear my voice though. I sound really funny. I missed work today, and since the doctor said I'll be contagious for five more days, I'm missing work again tomorrow. Thanks to Spring Break I'll have a paycheck of $4.88 this pay period. Not to mention the $100.00 I dropped on the doc and meds today. OK venting complete.

Last weekend was a fun one, aside from the mounting illness. I don't have a ton of goood pics like usual :), there was just too much fun to be had.

On Friday Russell and I went shopping at the Gateway for a while, I didn't buy anything, surprisingly, and took a couple things back (including my purchase from The Gap the other day [it was too big;)]). wow funky punctuation. Then we went to dinner at Cafe Trio, one of my all-time faves. It was deelish. Then we went to my house and got suckered into watching a PBS Anne Frank show. It was one of those where we'd periodically say "WHY are we watching this?" but keep watching it.
These are the only two pics I have from Trio, I told Russell he looked forlorn in the first one. He didn't agree.
On Saturday we mustered up the courage to take my dad's canoe out. We aimed high and struck low, that is, we originally said we'd go to antelope island for the day and ended up at the Daybreak lake. What's even funnier, now that I think about it, is that I started with hopes of going to Cali over Spring Break, then LV, then St. George, then Antelope Island, then it came to Daybreak. Just me and Russell canoeing along. We packed a lunch and ate it in the canoe. Russell's sister and hubby and child came for a visit too. Then Russell and I managed to make it to the Jordan Parkway with our bikes for a bike ride. It was rather enjoyable, what with the weather and all. Then we went to a BBQ/Jazz party at a friend's. The Jazz lost but the food was great. You'll notice Russell sitting in his stroller sucking on his bahbah of ginger ale. The adorable baby is Russell's nephew, Alexander. In the first pic you'll see one of Russell's many classic "Russell face(s)"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Status: Working Class Citizen

My life has drastically changed in the last two months.
As you may recall, I got a job at Dancing Moose Montessori in February. They started me off subbing here and there, then offered me part-time hours. Then, about 2 1/2 weeks ago they offered me a full-time position as an assistant teacher (I teach a pre-school class of 2 year-olds 8:30-3:30, then an aftercare class 3:30-5:30.) THEN, today they asked me to be the art teacher... which means I will teach two art classes after school!
As you can imagine, for an art bum like me, this has caused my life to be altered drastically. Gone are the days of laying, sleeping, eating fresh avacado and tomato sandwiches, reading, painting with my windows open, bike rides, pondering for hours and going to the temple whenever I felt like it. I also get sick a lot more. And am utterly exhausted at the end of every day.
It is very nice to feel so useful though.
I DO miss painting.
I am stressed a lot.
Sometimes the kids say things or make weird faces that just crack me to pieces though. Like when little aged 2 Pace tried a salt & vinegar potato chip HA HA! He shuttered uncontrollably and closed his eyes. Then he tried it again. SO funny.
I'm excited to teach art, but still a bit out of my element, as kid art can be a bit different than... artist art. But it should be fun to see what they come up with.
Anyhow, next week is Spring Break for me. I have every day off but Wednesday. So, I should come hang with ya'll. Nikki I could look at your office, Dani I could help you with your show (we'll have it all figured out in a matter of a couple hours;), Missy I'll help you with finals, Steph we'll go snowshoeing or on a bike ride, Debbie I'll sit on your new furniture and watch that wannabe bachelor show. I'm down for anything else. Also, I'd like to know who's leaving the state after April?