Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Seattle 4th. Again

SO I went to Seattle for the fourth of July. I was there 2 years ago for THE FOURTH also. It's a pretty great place. I had loads of fun.
Here I am making a sailboat

Here I am seeing the Seattle underground city

Here I am sailing with some sailors in a sailboat. We ran over a kayak with two people in it.

Here I am quenching my severe thirst with a gallon of distilled water.

Here I am with some street art. I love street art. Note the baby.

Here I am with some Dale Chihuly Foundry creations.

Here I am with some parachuting army men, 'cause guess what? I'm going skydiving for my birthday.

Here I am KRUMPIN'

In other news, I painted a mural for the "Extreme Makeoever: Home Edition" house they just built in Daybreak. I did the preliminary sketch, drew the name on the wall and painted the girl. Don't worry, just took ten hours.

In other other news: They asked me to be a lead teacher at my preschool, so currently I am in a 3-5 year-old class with another lead teacher because I must learn their "hways." Come fall I will begin my own classroom of 2 and 3 year-old children. Should be interesting.

If you would like details about the more intimate parts of my life, please do call or email. I'd love to hear from you!