Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ode to Idaho

Where the @#&@ is Rachel!?
Nature with cloud and reflection
Missy with life jacket and idiot
Deborah with legs and sandwich

Danielle with surfboard and concentration
Nikki with smile and love

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bag Balm

Everyone raved about my most recent contraversial, yet poigniantly brilliant, blog. So I decided to not give the people what they want, because satisfaction is just so boring, and to cast your eyes in an incontravertably opposite direction.... to that of everlasting friendships.
In two weeks, nay, just a week, I and two beloved daughters of God will embark on a journey northward to a desolate, barren, cowboy-ridden land of boredom. Some call it Zion, some call it Hell. "Why?" you may ask... you will find the answer in the wind, the wind of everlasting friendships.
Okay, that was getting quite fluffy and realistic, so let us switch gears momentarily, even though you mormon girls eat up nonsense like that (yes, I know about your Twilight obsessions, but that is another blog for another time.)
Nikerbocker, Deb-bot, and Hayley Labrum are going to Driggs, Idaho. Their "vacation" spans the days of July the 25th to July the 28th. Let's just be honest here, shall we ladies? The ONLY reason we are going, well there are two reasons, and they are: cowboys and freshly-squeezed (and by freshly-squeezed I mean from the cow tit [remember when I got in that car accident and you guys gave me that strange ointment, what was it...Bag Balm?]) milky-creamy ice cream. Okay, you got me, that's not entirely true. The real reasons are Melissa and Danielle Juarez. I put Missy first 'cause I like her better and Dani gets a big head about things like that.
Notice how near the words "Bag Balm" and "milky-creamy ice cream" are to each other in that paragraph.
Needless to say, I am incredibly excited and delighted to rekindle the everlasting friendships that Nikki Guymon (or is it Mena), Deborah Sorensen, Mellisa Juarez, Danielle Juarez and I, Hayley Labrum formed over the last academic year. (Deb: pretty soon you and I are gonna to be outnumbered and the Mexican last names will prevail...we must start planning now...)
So get ready DRIGGSY, 'cause here we freakin' COME!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What's REALLY Important????

So many of you know (and by "many" I mean the two out of three people who read my blog, also being two of the people who attended with me) that I went to the Miley Cyrus Stadium of Fire Extravaganza.
Hordes of "tween-age" girlies and a few boyies clamored (a loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting vehemently) and squealed (a long, high-pitched cry or noise) in the Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo at the mere thought of Miley Cyrus on this past Independence Day.
The program began with various tributes and salutes to the abroad troops and armed forces, some of them rather moving and all of them real. Glen Beck also read selections from various famous speeches, including that of Martin Luther King Jr.
Now, I don't expect little children to be on the edges of their seats during these drawn-out tributes. But, the stark contrast between their involvement and interest in our country and in a metallic trench coat-wearing Disney-fabricated teenage pop star was all too obvious. It was enough to make me banish television as a parent forever.
My point is, these children are obsessing over something that is completely fabricated, does them no good, and in fact, wastes much of their time and creative abilities. Imagine how ridiculous it is that their mothers will spend $2000 on a ticket to enable a useless and probably damaging obsession, when children across the globe are struggling to find food and clean water.
I just find it absolutely ridiculous.
But, Miley Cyrus is just one example.
The Fireworks were amazing.

Here are some pics of the event:

They were kind of bored for a bit.
Then they went crazy when Miley came on:

I just kept thinking "what a talented musician we have in our midst":