Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Notorious B.I.G.


Twelve years after his passing, the new movie entitled "Notorious," chronicling the one and only Notorious B.I.G.'s life, is coming to theaters Friday, January 16, 2009. Due to its R-rating I cannot view the delicious Biggie Smalls biography at this time. Instead, I'm blogging.
I'm bringing the BIG life of Biggie Smalls to the attention of my lil, white female friends. It's the least that I can do in honor of a glorious life lived and ended in the name of NOTORIOUS.

The following is a collection of photos I have carefully gathered since the passing of Biggie on March 4, 1997.

Here Biggie is, doin' what Biggie do bestBiggie, so articulate
Here Biggie can be seen dwelling in the hip-hop heavens with some other Rap giants you may or may not have heard of. 2 Pac for example

Biggie was lux. Ultra lux. Don't mess with Biggie lux.
Jamaican Biggie
Action Figure biggie. As you can see, Biggie get much action. Take that how you will

Biggie speaks the stories of the heart.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nik's Big Day

Starting backwards:

Christie K Sowby at the upright piano...
What's this??? Oh, that's right it's the group picture everyone decided to take on my camera without ME!!

Meg gets around...
Ha, look at Dani...ha...
I love Shaylee (sp?) in the background...

Ha! How awkward is that?
Dollface Deb freezin her *&%$ off.
Awesome Christmas Couple at the temple:
Nik's pre-gown ensemble...
Geez, Dani, You're clobbering her! Let her breathe...

Prom Night

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who Do YOU Think I Look Like?

As long as I can remember people have told me I look like someone else, famous or no. Once, while I was attending BYU I met a young man who insisted that I was currently in a class with him that I had never heard of. It happens all the time, at the mall, at school and at church.
Upon my transition to the University 16th ward of Salt Lake City I found it common and almost inevitable that each person I met would relate me to a famous person.
For example, Nick Boyer insists that I look exactly like Feist.
Brother Wonderly, of the bishopric, says I look like Liv Tyler.And another girl, who's name escapes me, told me I looked like someone on The Gilmore Girls, like maybe a friend of Rory's of something.
You get the idea.
So now I want to know....
Who do you think I look like?

Guess Who Has DSL!!!

That's right, ladies and gents.
Hayley Labrum has rejoined the world of the internet middle-class.
Mummy ordered DSL for the new year and since I have a wireless router I now have internet on my laptop once again. No more extended trips to the library or crying when I spent seven hours writing a blog only to have the page time out or disappear altogether.
There's a word for what I feel...